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Uhm.. yea..

hey. yea. this is my first post here. i don't do caps.

so.. my parents moved to winnipeg from nova scotia without me. now i'm starting to seriously consider moving there myself. i thought i'd ask about the bad parts of winnipeg from people who know it better than me so i can decide whether halifax or winnipeg is worse. so far.. halifax. more jobs in winnipeg, cheaper cost of living, nicer weather.. save me some moving money and convince me otherwise?
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winnipeg has shittier weather and uglier people, places and smells. i know living in the maritimes is about as fun as stabbing your self in the hand every day but living in manitoba is like stabing yourself in both hands every hour.
with a sharpened hobo-dick
this pretty much sums it all up!
hey man, i don't agree about the weather thing.. it's pretty nice here. yea, it's cold sometimes, but like.. it never rains for long, and it's never foggy, barely ever windy. like, in halifax, all it does is rain, snow, fog, wind, drizzle, and every once in a million years, we'll see the sun. you guys see a LOT of sun here, and it's really warm in the summer.
i will be more than happy to tell you everything that sucks about winnipeg when i get home tonight
wicked :)
ok i totally forgot about this but then i remembered

ok the city planners that have endeavored to build this city pretty much all had downs syndrome/were kicked in the head by a horse. our downtown is literally dying and the area of town that could serve as a fantastic downtown is sorely underused. our transit system is a joke. there is something of a crime problem, even if nothing has ever happened, downtown after dark feels menacing, the weather sucks a fuck..thats all i can think of just now

its not all bad, but if i had the option i would take my business elsewhere


April 25 2009, 22:59:55 UTC 7 years ago

I say don't bother moving there. It's a terrible city, and you will probably have a much better life if you distance yourself from your parents.