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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
1:23 pm
Uhm.. yea..
hey. yea. this is my first post here. i don't do caps.

so.. my parents moved to winnipeg from nova scotia without me. now i'm starting to seriously consider moving there myself. i thought i'd ask about the bad parts of winnipeg from people who know it better than me so i can decide whether halifax or winnipeg is worse. so far.. halifax. more jobs in winnipeg, cheaper cost of living, nicer weather.. save me some moving money and convince me otherwise?
Saturday, December 24th, 2005
10:18 pm
What is with the 16 year old losers that walk around wearing the newest "street" gear they saw in the latest rap video?

For fuck sake you live in Winnipeg not New York. If any of these idiots ever went to a real ghetto all they would hear is "Hey kid take off that jacket before i stab you, i don't want any blood on it when I wear it".
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
12:45 am
so what the fuck is with transit service? do we live in fucking nazi germany? communist russia? dinosaur pangaea? pretty much all the busses stop running at 1:30am, and i for one am generally not finished whatever i am doing before 1:30am. i hope if sam katz ever cuts the sass and starts improving our transit system, that he realizes that 1:30am is a stupid hour to terminate bus service
12:27 am
cityofwinnipeg more like twenty is the only one who posts and no one likes him
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
11:18 am

i hate winnipeg because twenty was mean to me in his cool kids club and now i'm not allowed in it.
Friday, October 14th, 2005
5:22 pm
Fuck Winnipeg people who take THREE FUCKING HOURS to turn a fucking corner.

Fuck Winnipeg people who speed up, cut you off, THEN turn the corner.

People who do this are asshats.

Current Mood: FUCK!!!
2:18 pm
well we have a big 19 members so i guess its time to set down some rules.

1. dont be a weiner
2. dont say nice things about winnipeg
3. hats

now that that's over and done with i'll tell you two terrifying tales of winnipeg worry and whorror.

1. i was like 16 at the time or so, and at the time i was goth (:\) and all my friends were goth (:\) and they were all overage, so since i had nothing better to do anyway, when i got off work, i'd go wait outside the goth bar for my friend to get bored and we'd go play videogames. anyhats, i was waiting outside the door to wellington's and that native hobo from the exchange who always used to ask you for a hundred bucks came up to me. he kicked things off in high gear, as he often does, with "ehh, gotta hundred bucks?" and i was all "no." and then that saucy character hit me with "got $50?" and i was like "uhhh no" so, growing desperate he posed the question "how much ya got?" so i reached in my pocket and pulled out a handful of change equalling no more than $2, which i handed to him expecting that to be the toll to make him go away.

no such luck.

he shook my hand and told me his name, but i was too busy being grossed out and trying to think of non-burning ways to cleanse my hand, so i don't recall his name, and he proceeded to tell me a story that CHANGED MY LIFE. i will recount it to you all here.

him: i used to worship the devil
me: uhh..ohh..yeah...
him: yeah, one day me and the devil came here (he gestured down the stairs to smellington's), and the devil started playin' the drums, and everyone got real scared, so they all ran out and got into this big van.

i stood wide-eyed considered the implications of this wisdom. he walked away, i guess maybe to get a king can or something.

2. it was late at night and since i rock ST JAMES (BITCHES), i had to catch an 11 home, because i'm 2 cool 4 carz. so, i catch an 11 st. charles at around 1:18 i guess, and everything seemed just fine...

...until the bus diverted down some street and ended up on ellice. being a ST JAMES (BITCHES) kid this worried me, because that end of town downright effing scares me. so anyway, the bus keeps going down ellice till it hits maryland, where it turns and heads up back to portage. about halfway down the street i hear a dude yelling and flagging down the bus. he begged the busdriver to let him in, and the bus driver complied. at this point i was pretty sure i was going to get shot or otherwise lose blood in some fashion, but luckily for me, it was this guy that caught the bad one. he was bleeding out of his head pretty bad, which i can only guess was the work of some blunt object, since usually you can't do things like walk and talk when you get stabbed or shot in the head. anyway, he started cussing out the manitoba warriors, saying they jumped him for no reason, got him in the head and i guess he was with his kids, whom he lost track of. the busdriver drove to the end of the street, and called the paramedics/police.

i dont really know why he bothered, because i guess some shit was going down around there and a pile of cruisers were already chillin on portage. the police came and asked this guy some questions and he effing FLIPPED about his kids (which i dont blame him for) and he tried to run off to look for them, but i suppose the headwound cut into that because he came back less than a minute later. the police questioned the busdriver for a few minutes and the driver threw some of that elementary school barf dust on the neat pool of blood that formed when our guest first arrived.

which reminds me.

i effing hate it when i'm downtown after midnight and the place is effing DEAD, like not normal "winnipeg's rotting infrastructure" dead, but absolutely uninhabited, except for the excessive numbers of cruisers prowling around. i guess thats supposed to make me feel safer or something, but it really just makes me feel like some shit is going to go down, and i'm probably going to get caught in the middle of it.
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
11:02 pm
fuck mosquitos this fucking city needs a junebug patrol i shouldn't have to walk the streets in fear and be on constant junebug watch whenever i'm downtown on a fine summer's night
10:47 pm


Once when I was on mushrooms I explained how Wolseley was like Sherwood Forest, with all the good parts of it. Then you got to my area and there was nothing but bad rogues with their fucking shitting pissing fucks. Sure, we laughed at the time, but it's true.

Those fucking shitting pissing fucks are fucking shitting and pissing in my fucking neighbourhood and it must be stopped!
Or else I'm just going to leave.

(Mua ha ha)
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